The service is a faster and easier way for companies to analys and CE-mark their products. CE-Check participated in the innovation award competition 2016 and was nominated to the second best web service of the year.

We are now currently looking for customers in need of analyzing their product for CE-marking directives and who are interested in trying the pre-release version of the service. The full version of the service will be released within 2016.


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Welcome to CE-Check!

The fastest way to CE compliance.

CE-Check is a new, interactive web service, which through a series of questions, analyses your product and list the CE directives the product needs to comply with. At the moment, the service covers the most of the major directives and the scope is constantly being upgraded with new directives, features and services. The questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to finish. Whenever you want to take a break, your progress will automatically be saved and you can continue whenever you like. With a nomination from Venture Cup innovation award and as a STING member, CE-Check is rapidly expanding.

Please contact us below if you want to try the service for free!