CE Check in China

Attending China - Europe High-Tech Delegation

On Dec 12th 2018, right before the Christmas holidays, CE Check (represented by Tobias Rydell & Max Strålin) took off for China to attend the 2018 China – Europe High-Tech Delegation. The delegation lasted for a week, starting on Dec 13th and ending on Dec 19th, 2018. It was organised by 4CNConsult, supported by WEINNO and sponsored by TusHoldings, Future Sci-Tech City, Xiaoshan Innovation Polis and others.

The event took place in some of the country’s highly developed and industrial cities: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Ningbo.

The focus of the event was on Informational Technology (e.g. AI, IoT and Blockchain), Life Science (MedTech, Health Tech, Bio-Tech) and CleanTech (new energy, energy saving solutions and sustainable products). It was attended by many international investors, incubators and accelerators, science parks, universities and research institutes, SMEs and startups, as well as various business networks and clusters.

The ultimate goal of the 2018 China – Europe High-Tech Delegation was to achieve effective cooperation between both Europe and China by helping EU delegates, such as CE Check, to meet with potential clients, find suitable suppliers and/or manufacturers, establish stable and effective partnerships, and obtain funding. Additionally, our team and all other attendees received detailed information on the local policy support for foreign businesses in China.

Visiting China helped CE Check to quickly obtain valuable knowledge about the country and its culture and initiate business relationships with potential Chinese partners. During their time there, our team had the chance to participate in roadshows and highly customised one-on-one meetings, as well as to visit famous innovative sites (e.g. Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and Hangzhou Future Science Town).

Despite the strict and very busy schedule that our team had, they found a way to make the time in China even more enjoyable, have a lot of fun and meet new friends.