CE Check joins the MC Incubator

Partnership between CE Check and MC Incubator

Merxona Consulting AB (MC) runs the virtual incubator MC Incubator™, which provides digital business coaching to start-ups in the Life Science area. Member companies in the incubator are given business coaching “on-demand” through a web-based digital platform, from start-up to 3rd or 4th capitalisation round, which takes the Start-up to commercialisation.


CECHECK AB provides one of the world’s first digital certification services for CE marking, usually a very long and complicated process. By digitalisation of the previous manual work, both cost and lead time can drastically be reduced. The Company has received attention from companies all over the world. Most of the customers are in the e-Health / Life Science sector, where the company has invested extra effort to help these companies to go through the sometimes-overwhelming CE-marking process in a cost-efficient way.


The majority of all companies which will launch any type of product on the EU market must meet the EU’s environmental and safety requirements, the so-called CE marking requirements. This is usually a very costly process, where the requirements become more and more complicated, especially for Life Science products. Now, MC and CECHECK have started a collaboration to streamline and digitalise the certification process and can thus offer cost-effective solutions, primarily to Life Science companies.


“We have seen how the e-health industry literally has exploded in recent years and, in order to give these companies even better support, we will further develop our service by implementing a digital quality management support,” says Tobias Rydell CEO of CECHECK.


The member companies of MC Incubator™, through cooperation with CECHECK, receive complete support to be able to put products on the market in a time and cost-effective manner. Tobias Rydell again: “As an entrepreneur, you have enough challenges as is, and it is important that start-up companies can focus on the development of the product and the business idea and not on the which legal compliance for their product“.


Regulatory issues are complicated, and in order to offer a complete virtual incubator service, we have chosen a collaboration with CECHECK. We see great advantages in gaining access to the extensive expertise that CECHECK has”, says Anders Möllstam CEO and founder of the MC Incubator™ and MC, the company behind the incubator. “CECHECK has the required experience and has the kind of services our customers demand, as they have made the service digital and thus less consultant dependent”.


If you would like further information about the cooperation or what CECHECK and MC Incubator™ can offer, please contact.

TobiasRydell_CEO CE Check


Tobias Rydell, CEO and founder

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Cell phone: +46 70 862 1576


Anders Möllstam Merxona Consulting AB

Merxona Consulting AB

Anders Möllstam, CEO and founder

[email protected]

Cell phone: +46 708 48 19 63