CE Check Takes Part in the LEAP Program

CE Check is pleased to announce their acceptance to the LEAP coach program of Business Sweden.

The program will provide CE Check with in-depth knowledge on how to successfully internationalise their business to the foreign markets. The LEAP program is specially tailored for tech startups, such as CE Check. It consists of 3 workshops and five coaching sessions. The duration of the program is two months. During that period, CE Check and all other accepted companies will have the chance to meet with and be coached by world-class mentors experienced in tech and other specific segments.

business meeting

What will CE Check learn out of the LEAP coaching?

As said above, the program will focus on providing companies with the necessary knowledge and skills to expand their business to the desired foreign markets. It gives startups explicitly with:

  • insights on how to develop a well-tailored plan and practical strategy for international expansion;
  • access to a worldwide network consisting of more than 50 markets, along with channels that can directly connect companies to relevant markets, customers and investors;
  • international industry analysis and local insights.


Along with all the above, CE Check’s will further learn useful tips and ideas on how to make better decisions and choose the correct time to act on them.


Why was CE Check accepted to the LEAP program?

Many are the reasons for the current participation of CE Check in the coaching program. Of course, a part of those reasons is related to the program requirements which CE Check could easily fulfil. For instance, all companies applying to the program had to have:

  • a global mindset and be part of the Swedish tech startup community;
  • a scalable business model that addresses challenges and opportunities on an international and/or global level;
  • an already launched product or service that customers pay for;
  • plans to internationalise their business in a short term;
  • seed funding or secured it for one year or more;


CE Check is a company that aims to solve the CE certification problematic situation with its globally scalable business concept for environmental and safety labelling of products, and the LEAP coaching program is precisely what such an entrepreneurial rapidly growing venture like CE Check needs at the moment.


September 2018