CE Check participates in Tieto’s AI Incubation Program

CE Check announces its acceptance as one of the few startups hand-picked by Tieto for their AI Incubation program in 2018

We’re very excited to announce our participation in this year’s AI Incubation program organised by Tieto – an incubation program for independent Swedish startups within the field of Artificial Intelligence and MedTech. In a 12-week period, we will have to go through intensive coaching with Tieto’s international experts. In this regard, one of the most exciting aspects is the chance to be provided with artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge.

The participation in Tieto’s AI Incubation program will further help us to leverage our strategic strengths and competencies related to:

  • Having a lean canvas with validated customer segments, main problem and its solution, revenue streams, and customer/buyer journey.
  • Owning a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) validated through customer experiments.

The AI Incubation program was started a couple of years ago and since then has been done in collaboration with Vinnova. Every year, the program is free of charge for all chosen startups due to Vinnova’s funding. With its program, Tieto aims at setting up an innovation cluster for accelerating the technological development and success of the Swedish startups. In this regard, CE Check and all other accepted startups will be given access to Tieto’s data platform for AI development and Tieto’s office facilities.

Given all, we at CE Check couldn’t be more thrilled with our participation and confident that the AI Incubation program will contribute significantly to the technological development of our CE compliance service.

Online CE marking / CE compliance - CE Check

About CE Check

CE Check is an innovative Swedish startup that provides an exceptional web-based CE marking service, which through a series of questions, analyses a product and identifies all CE requirements necessary for its CE compliance.

Due to the recent partnership of the company with three European accredited laboratories, CE Check can now provide its clients with type-testing service with only 3 weeks of lead time. On the top of all, clients can use CE Check’s unique system to store all of their products’ technical documentation by creating the so-called Technical file. Moreover, CE Check’s system automatically creates a Declaration of Conformity certifying the CE compliance of their clients’ products.

In other words, CE Check provides businesses with the fastest and most straightforward way to completely CE mark their products. By letting CE Check take care of their CE needs, companies reduce their CE marking costs by 60% and lead time by 75%.

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About Tieto

Tieto is considered as one of largest leading software and service companies in the Nordic region with headquarters in Finland and offices in more than 20 countries. The company has a successful strategy allowing it to accelerate innovation and growth both inside and outside the Nordic area.

Tieto aims to translate the potential of the computer-driven world into value not only for people and companies but as well for societies. By using its software and services, Tieto creates tools and solutions simplifying people’s lives and helping businesses to capture any opportunities related to modernisation, digitalisation and innovation.

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