Technical file generator

Easily organise and manage all of your product’s CE documentation using CE Check’s innovative TF Generator.

CE Check’s Technical File Generator helps you build your technical file structure correctly and, consequently, shows you how the requirements of the directives have been met.

The technical file structure should contain all the documents required for demonstrating your product’s compliance with the EU legislation.

Under each document listed in the TF structure, there is a short text describing what the document is about. This is meant to help you avoid uploading incorrect and unnecessary documents.

Technical File Structure
All files, uploaded to the technical file structure, can further be arranged in folders, sorted by their relevance to one of the following groups:
  • Product – product description, photos, manuals/instructions, etc.
  • Analyses – risk and clinical assessments
  • Manufacturing – assembly drawings, QMS (quality management system), etc.
  • Requirements – standards, markings, etc.
  • Compliance – test results, simulations, certificates, Declaration of Conformity.
Technical File Structure: files arrangement