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The fastest way Amazon sellers can get a valid Declaration of Conformity for their products.

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CE Check is a trusted digital provider of CE marking services who can help sellers like you put their products on the Amazon EU marketplace in a few days


With us, you can get a valid Declaration of Conformity, which Amazon will approve at 100%, in the fastest and simplest way possible.

sell on amazon: declaration of conformity for amazon
Customised Declaration of Conformity

The content of the Declaration of Conformity will be according to the relevant requirements for your product type.

Accepted by Amazon & National Authorities

Give Amazon a flawless Declaration of Conformity confirming your product’s CE compliance.

Issued by Professionals

We are experienced in what we do and have served many Amazon sellers around the world.


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feedback on CE Check

“CE Check has been a life saviour for me. I thought I would never pass the pre-approval process of Amazon, but then I found about CE Check. They were able to help me out and issue the Declaration of Conformity for my product in less than a day.”

Gary ND

“Thanks to CE Check, I got my Declaration of Conformity very fast and my product was approved by Amazon and put for sale on their website in just a few days.”

Michael V. Trivolli

“Amazon strictly monitors all products sold on their website and I thought that the Declaration of Conformity would mean a big ‘NO’ and I would never sell my product on their marketplace. However, I contacted CE Check and they were very helpful. Amazon quickly approved the Declaration of Conformity they provided me with.”

Ulaf Johansson

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