Test your product for LVD, RED or EMC compliance in Europe

3 weeks of lead time/ Low prices for testing

lvd and emc compliance testing / ce certification

CE Check partners with three accredited European test labs which can test your product for CE compliance:

   In a shorter time frame

   At a much more inviting price.

Why should you test your product with us?

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LVD, RED, EMC compliance testing

CE Check

saving from LVD, RED, EMC compliance testing

Choose the expensive way and pay ⇓

× LVD or EMC   =    from €4,000

× LVD+ EMC    =    €8,000

× RED    =    from €10,000

• Very long lead times

• 2 – 3 months of waiting

Test it with us and pay twice less!

√  LVD or EMC   =   €2,500

  LVD + EMC   =   €3,500

  RED   =   €6,500

• Short lead times

• Wait up to 3 weeks

Our Accredited Partners for Your Product's CE Testing

KIWA Inspecta Logo
  • It is a leader in the Nordic area and a notified organization;
  • Provides inspections, testing, certification and technical consultancy services;
  • Offers both non-destructive and destructive testing, ranging from ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection to hardness testing;
  • Inspects any type of devices, from small measuring devices to powerful pressure vessels, at any level.

Latvian Electronic Equipment Testing Centre

Accreditation certificate

  • Assists clients with EMC compliance testing of products;
  • Provides a reliable, high-quality service for development, pre-compliance, compliance, and production testing;
  • Offers services especially focused on hardware design, signal analysis, standards interpretation, filtering applications, and data acquisition.
Instytut Technologii Elektronowej Oddziat PREDOM

Accreditation certificate

  • Has 40 years of experience.
  • Assesses and certifies the conformity of products with the requirements for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, noise, energy efficiency and electromagnetic fields impact on humans.
  • Provides conformity assessments for the following CE directives: LVD; EMC Directive; Machinery Directive; Directive – 2009/142/EC; Noise directive 2000/14/EC; RTTE Directive 1999/5/EC; and Directive 92/42/EEC.

Ensure your product’s RED, LVD or EMC compliance testing in the coming weeks, click the button below.


flux ab

“We used CE Check for testing and CE marking of an advanced lighting fixture, and our experience was very positive. We were very pleased with the short lead time, which was less than three weeks from order to finished test, given that with other CE compliance companies had been more than 16 weeks. In addition, it was also very helpful for us to have all the information, such as product data, used standards, test reports, technical file, as well as the Declaration of Conformity, assembled in one place. The test report was automatically uploaded to our technical file in their digital system, and after that, we could complete the entire CE marking process just with a few clicks. Moreover, the price CE Check could offer us was very attractive, and the accredited test providers they partner with were very serious and executive. We will continue to use their automated digital CE marking service.”

Joakim Söderberg
Technical Operations Manager at Flux AB