Use cases

Read here how clients like you benefit from using our digital CE compliance software

Certification Consultants

certification consultants using CE marking software and how they benefit

Put the massive stack of papers away and never ever think of it again! Now, with our CE marking software, you can manage all of your clients’ products in one place and easily keep track of their CE certification progress.

Business Owners

Benefits of business owners using the CE marking software of CE Check

Get guided through all the steps in the CE marking process and be in control of all that needs to be done. And as a result, you’ll be able to launch your product 15 weeks (75%) earlier and to a 30% lower cost.

General benefits


Subscription based, without large up-front costs.

Quick start

All you need to start CE marking a product is a web browser and good internet connection.

Constant upgrades

More CE features are being added all the time.

Customer support

If any questions arise, we will be here to answer them.

Accessible 24/7

Providing you have internet connection on your device, you can access and get done with another part of the CE marking process at any time and place.

Backups & Data Recovery

We ensure the integrity of your data with automatic backups all the time.



Because of the very strict IT policies we have, no one can access your product’s data without your knowledge and permission.