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CE Check – the fastest & simplest way to CE compliance

CE Check – the new, innovative web CE compliance service was established by Tobias Rydell in 2016.

After 10 years in the certification industry and with a background from two different test institutes, CE Check founder Tobias Rydell experienced how old-fashioned the testing industry could be, often with a lack of innovation. The CE compliance process was overwhelming, prolonged, expensive, and depriving companies of any control over it.

Wanting to improve the CE marking problematical situation, he focused on finding a way that would change the certification industry and make it easier and faster for companies to certify their products. Time passed, and the solution appeared.

It was CE Check! CE Check is a web-based service, which through a series of questions, analyses the product and list its necessary CE directives. CE Check guides the users through the EU’s complex regulations and with the system’s overall expertise, they can find all unique requirements for their products among thousands of possible combinations.

Currently, CE Check covers most of the major directives and the scope is constantly being upgraded with new directives, features, and services. By using CE Check, users will reduce their CE marking costs by 60% and lead time by 75%, while at the same time being in control of the process.

How does CE Check differentiate?

CE Check is a young rapidly expanding STING company, a finalist from the Venture Cup 2016 with its globally scalable business concept for environmental and safety labeling (CE marking) of products.

CE Check revolutionizes the CE marking industry by letting the digitalization to take place. We at CE Check automate, streamline and simplify this complex area, where all work today is done manually. According to our knowledge, CE Check is unique as there are no other similar services available on the market today!

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